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Elizabeth Fry. By Chris Nordquist, page 2
How is one to juggle the various demands of home, work, and family while assuming leadership positions in ministry? Can it be done? Should it even be tried? How did Elizabeth Fry respond to these questions?

Remembering the Women Who Suffer. By Carol Reilley Urner, page 6
What is life like for women in the third world? What does Christ say to us about their condition?

Remedies for Married Singles. By Keith Lamm, page 10
How do we become "married singles"? How can we fix the problem when it happens?

Meditations on a Twistie. By Philip Taylor, page 12
The "tie that binds" becomes important when it's time to put out the trash. It is also very important in the Christian life.

Paths Toward a Quaker Future. By Arthur O. Roberts, page 13
Seven paths in Quakerism each have their own heritage and weaknesses. What are the road signs that mark our future?

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Evangelical Friend, November 1986 (Vol. 20, No. 3)