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Hearing and Obeying God's Call. By Robert Hess, page 2
How does God call us, and what is He asking us to do?

Angels of Apocalypse? By John W. Oliver, page 6
AIDS, apartheid, abortion, and atomic weapons are signaling new dangers for mankind and the Church.

How Liberating are the Liberal Arts? By Richard J. Foster, page 8
What is the difference between a liberal arts education and a college degree?

Remembering. By Karen Bates-Smith, page 12
Have we experienced God? Or do we simply know about Him?

The Friends Basis for Holiness. By Charles Ball, page 14
Are Christians free from sin?

It was Worth It! By Charles Mylander, page 28
A delegate reports on Guatemala '87.

Regular Features
Speaking the Truth, 4
Out of the Silence, 11
What About Our Friends? 18


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Evangelical Friend, January/February 1988 (Vol. 21, No. 5/6)