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Yearning for the Presence of God. By Howard Macy, page 2
"What does it really mean to long for God?"

Lives of Compassion on the Reservation. By Betty M. Hockett, page 6
How one missionary couple gave of their lives to the Navajo people

Foundations for Social Change. By Barbara Worden, page 8
Important ingredients for a successful revolution

Words Have Power. By Jerry W McCant, page 11
Beware of these invisible "sticks and stones."

Tears for a Boy Named Christian. By Bud Warner, page 12
When parents give their children snakes and stones

A Warning to Youth. By Jamie Daniels, page 14
How one promising teen lost his dreams

What Does God Say About Suffering? By Walter R. Sheffield, page 16
Would people love God more if only the Christians survived a plane crash?

On Being Rubber Stamps. By Lauren King, page 28

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Speaking the Truth, 4
Friends Read, 10
A Certain Shaft of Light, 15
What About Our Friends? 18


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Evangelical Friend, May 1988 (Vol. 21, No. 9)