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Editorials, page 2
Challenging Quakers to rethink some traditional ideas

A Common Commitment to Quaker Christian Life, page 6
Differences and similarities of two Friends organizations

From Newberg to Kenya, with Love. By Ron Woodward, page 8
A look at the changing face of a mission field

Publishing Truth, Together. By Louise M. Sargent, page 10
The past, present, and future of Quaker literature

Friends Perspectives on Ministry. By John Carter, page 12
Five Quaker pastors comment on the condition and future of Quakerism

Focus on Friends. By Anne Perkins and Michael Henley, page 14
Two Christians who have learned to be "salt and light" in their careers

Fun, Witness, and Growth. By Tom Klaus, page 16
The future of Friends youth is the future of Friends - what is happening among our young people?

Let's Make a Deal, page 28
On trading pitchers ... or make that preachers

Regular Features
Friends Write, 4
What About Our Friends? 20


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, July/August 1989 (Vol. 22, No. 10/11)