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Joseph John Gurney - An Admiring View from a British Quaker. By John Punshon, page 2
The brother of Elizabeth Fry made his own mark on Quakerism.

The Patient with the Smile on Her Face. By Marjorie Crisman, page 7
A time of tragedy is mixed with blessings.

You Can Have Substance, Not Just Form. By Richard O. Bezek, page 11
Are we choosing the good part?

A Worship-feast of Silence and Sharing. By David Jaquith, page 12
Making the most of this rich tradition

A Consultant Could Help Your Church Grow. By Stan Perisho, page 14
Would your church benefit from a second opinion?

I Hate to Admit It, But... By Stan Thornburg, page 28
What would you like to get off your chest?

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The Growing Edge, 9
Friends Read, 10
A Certain Shaft of Light, 13
What About Our Friends? 16


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Evangelical Friend, March 1989 (Vol. 22, No. 7)