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Dealing with Addiction. By Michael Grogan, page 2
Why is addiction so pervasive in our society?

Goin' Fishing. By Tom Mullen, page 6
Love finds a way to heal a family

Unemployment: the Other Side. By Nancy Thomas, page 10
Personal experience heightens understanding

Pastors Need to Face Retirement, Too. By Jack L. Willcuts, page 12
Hints on how to gracefully face this second great turning point in life

The Small Church & Divorce Recovery. By Roger L. Wood, page 14
Even the smallest communities are touched by the breakup of marriages.

Christian Estate Planning. By F. D. Baker, page 17
Good stewardship can continue even after death.

On a Wing and a Prayer. By Phillip E. Taylor, page 18
Memories of the past, hope for the future

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Evangelical Friend, May/June 1990 (Vol. 23, No. 9/10)