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Naming Evil and Doing Good. By Rebecca Thomas Ankeny, page 2
What kind of knowledge do you need to make the right choices?

Who Are the Pagans? By Paul Thornburg, page 6
Enlightenment that obscures

Christ's Victory Over Evil. By Harold F. Carl, page 8
Only death could give us life.

Structural Evil. By Max Carter, page 10
What is the nature of the enemy we fight?

Jesus and the Ghetto. By John Oliver, page 12
Love that works, a model for modern times

The End of Pacifism. By Walter Wink, page 14
Jesus calls us to creativity, not "doormatism."

The Lamb's War. By Richard Foster, page 17
The paradox of spiritual warfare

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Speaking the Truth, 4
To the Point, 13
Friends Read, 16
Hot off the FAX, 20
What About Our Friends? 21
A Certain Shaft of Light, 28

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Evangelical Friend, March/April 1993 (Vol. 26, No. 4)