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Onward Christian Soldiers. By Chuck Orwiler, page 2
"Laying down flesh and blood weapons feels like suicide unless we are convinced the spiritual ones are just as substantial."

Between Good Friday and Easter. By Margaret Cox Wallace, page 6
Where is our hope when faith is lying dead in the tomb?

Stewardship of the Peace Testimony. By Mike Huber, page 7
Are we going to preserve our heritage or use it?

Peace ... When Do We Talk About It? By George Robinson, page 9
In wartime the participants are also victims.

Praying for Justice. By Rebecca Ankeny, page 11
" ... until justice comes, there will be no peace."

What Is God Doing Among Those 'Other' Quakers? page 12
"YouthQuake," by Bruce Bishop
"Friends Bible Conference," an interview with Chuck Fager
"Growing Up Liberal," by Paul Jolly

On the Tip of the Iceberg. By Dave Byrne, page 18
There's more to missions than missionaries; there's you!

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Evangelical Friend, March/April 1992 (Vol. 25, No. 4)