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The program and the presence,
Friends in Dallas. Page 5

Will the real Ms. Christian please stand up?
"Is there a place in the church for women to exercise ALL their talents? That question is the basis for this exploration." Page 6

Christian refugees reorganize for the future
The head of Vietnam's Christian Youth for Social Services tells of his organization's miraculous escape from Vietnam and resettlement in America. Page 9

The Saturday night bath
"Going to church was not just another thing we did; it was an important event in our lives." Page 13

Missionary Voice
We met God face to face 15
Eastern Region youth visit Mexico City 16
Mexican praise and prayer notes 17
Faith Home 17

Why one Quaker refuses war
Primary reasoning - based on morality, citizenship, and the authority of Jesus and His apostles - led this Quaker to refuse war. Page 18

What's New!
Because someone saw a need ... because someone cared ... a new and rewarding ministry has opened to Friends at Booker, Texas. Page 26

Regular Features
News of Friends 4
Friends Write 4
The Children's Page 20
Friends Concerns 21
Friends Gather 24
Friends Record 25
Books 27
Over the Teacup 28


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Publication Date


Evangelical Friend, October 1975 (Vol. 9, No. 2)