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Migrant farmworkers risk occupational injury and are at risk for developing chronic health conditions. Exercise may enhance health and help to reduce the risk of occupational injury and/or reduce the risk of developing a chronic health condition. Little is known, however, about the exercise habits of Latino migrant farmworkers. Male Latino migrant farmworkers completed an exercise and health habits questionnaire at health screening clinics. One hundred fifty-three (58.2%) subjects reported exercising during the week. There was no difference in age between those who reported exercising and those who did not (p = .78). Only 42 (16%) of all workers reported exercising for 3 or more hours a week. Seventeen percent of the subjects reported smoking and almost 10% reported chewing tobacco. A majority of subjects do not meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) exercise guidelines. Tobacco use is highest among individuals who do not exercise. These findings suggest the need for health education interventions for this population. Additional studies are warranted to understand exercise and health habits of this population.