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Background and Purpose: Golf is a popular sport played by hundreds of thousands of individuals of all ages and of varying skill levels. An orthopedic or sports-related injury and/or surgery may limit an individual’s sport participation, require him/her to complete a course of rehabilitation, and initiate (or resume) a sportspecific training program. Unlike the availability of evidence to guide postsurgical rehabilitation and sportspecific training of athletes from sports other than golf, there have only been two reports describing outcomes after surgery and for golfers. The purpose of this case report is to present a post-rehabilitation return to sporttraining program for a recreational golfer 11-months after a rotator cuff repair.

Case Description: The subject, a 67-year old female, injured her right shoulder requiring a rotator cuff repair 11-months prior to her participation in a golf fitness training program. The subject participated in six training sessions over seven week period consisting of general strengthening exercises (including exercises for the rotator cuff), exercises for the core, plyometrics, and power exercises.

Outcomes: The subject made improvements in power and muscular endurance of the core. She was able to resume golf at the completion of the training program.

Discussion: The subject was able to make functional improvements and return to golf after participation in a comprehensive strength program. Additional studies are necessary to improve program design for golfers who wish to return to sport after shoulder surgery.