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The Bunkie test, a functional performance test consisting of 5 test positions (performed bilaterally), has been used to assess aspects of muscular function. Current performance measures are based on clinical recommendations. The purpose of this study was to report normative data for a healthy population. One hundred and twelve subjects (mean age 25.9±4.5 years) were recruited from a university setting. Subjects completed a demographic questionnaire prior to testing. Hold times for each position was measured in seconds. Subjects were able to hold many of the positions for a mean score of approximately 40 seconds.There were no side-to-side differences in test position hold times per gender. Males were able to hold some positions significantly longer than their female counterparts. Males with a lower BMI were able to hold 8 of the 10 positions significantly longer than those with a higher BMI. Bunkie test scores in subjects with a prior history of musculoskeletal injury were similar to those with no history of injury. The normative data presented in this study may be used by rehabilitation professionals when assessing and rehabilitating their patients.

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