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Contents: The scorned Quakers true and honest account --The scorned Quakers second account of his second attempt to give testimony to the truth of Jesus --The burden of the Word of the Lord to the people at Lydd --To the Parliament of England and the several members thereof -- Rusticus ad academico, therusticks alarum to the rabbics -- An additional appendix to Rusticus ad academicos -- Christ's light springing, arising up, shining forth and displaying itself throw the whole world -- One antidote more against that provoking sin of swearing -- Supplementum sublatum -- Velata quaedam revelata --Thebishop busied beside the business.

Includes "A testimony concerning Samuel Fisher" by Luke Howard, "William Penn's testimony concerning Samuel Fisher," and "The epistle to the reader," by Ellis Hookes.

Includes index. Numerous errors in pagination.

856 pages.

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Early works, Apologetic works, Society of Friends


Arts and Humanities | Christian Denominations and Sects | Christianity | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion

The Testimony of Truth Exalted: By the Collected Labours of that Worthy man, Good Scribe, and Faithful Minister of Jesus Christ, Samuel Fisher who Died a Prisoner for the Testimony of Jesus and Word of God