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210 pages, multiple photographs, recording 1899-1903.

From the introduction:

"A word about her background will make the diary more meaningful. She was born in 1852 and was nearly 4 7 years old when she went to Alaska to undertake this service in 1899. Records show that she was certified to teach in Ohio and in Iowa where the family moved in the early 1880's. Her brother, Joseph Hadley, was state superintendent of schools in Iowa. About 1890 she attended a missionary training school in Chicago, Illinois. When she decided to be a missionary she took special training in medicine and in caring for the sick.

It is difficult to determine how long Martha Hadley felt the concern to serve as a missionary or what contributed to her specific interest in the Alaskan field. We do know that an Alaskan girl, Mary Moon (Alaskan name unknown) roomed at their home (Douglas Hall Wilmington College, Ohio) while attending college. Also Frank Bangham, a cousin, had spent two years in Ala*a previous to Martha'sgoing to the Kotzebue Mission.

Martha Hadley was a birthright member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) and was sponsored by the California Yearly Meeting of Friends. The Wilmington (Ohio) Yearly Meeting gave her supplies of medicine and other necessities. The California Yearly Meeting has continued to sponsor the Kotzebue Mission. The Friends' influence has remained quite strong, as noted from recent photographs included in the diary, and the Mission school has provided the community's main educational program until Alaska was admitted as a state."

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The Alaskan Diary of a Pioneer Quaker Missionary