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71 pages, 19 cm. Some pages are faint while others are darker and easier to read.

Relating to the diary written by Mahlon Pickett:

Theodate Lang Pickett, daughter of Mahlon and Rebecca Pickett was born near Mooresville, Indiana, July 26, 1861. Died September 22, 1927.

In 1870 the family moved to the vicinity of Lawrence, Kansas. There two years. Moved to Butler County, Kansas.

In 1885 Miss Pickett with her brother B. H. Pickett, came to Kiowa County where she proved up on a claim three miles north of Haviland. Taught in the first school in the community. On September 7, 1887, she married Charles A. Taylor. Moved to Salem, Oregon, in 1909. Mr. Taylor died in 1916.

In 1921 Mrs. Taylor and children moved to Ballston Road, Sheridan, Oregon.

Found in family scrapbook:

Artilla G. Cox was born September, 1850 in Chatham County, North Carolina. Died January 29, 1935 -- age 84.

Her parents were Isham and Lavina Cox of Liberty, North Carolina -- noted Friends ministers. Served many years as State Supt. of Yearly Meetings. He died September, 1884. Lavina Cox died 16 years before.

Diary of Mahlon Pickett: Indiana, 1853--

Names appearing in the diary:

Page 1: Jonah Hoyle (minister from Ohio), John D. Lang (Maine), Isaiah Gay (Indiana), William Lewison (Iowa), Susan Howland, Mary S. Wadkins (Indiana)

Page 7: Mikles Hobson, Malinda Thompson

Page 8, 9: John Hutchens, Mahlon Hockett, David Farlow, Daniel Barker

Page 13: Mary S. Wadkins (minister death)

Page 16: Dugan Clark and Aseneth, David Farlow, Gabes Farlow

Page 21: Francis Thomas, Jonathan Johnson

Page 26: John Stuart

Page 32: Hannah Peirson

Page 37: Mahlon Hockett (Deep River), Daniel Barker

Page 43: Hannah Hockett

Page 45: Catherine (Pickett? sister of writer, death)

Page 49: Visitors to marriage: Benjamin Jones, Nathan Breed

Page 50: Seth Barker

Page 51: Aseneth Clark

Page 54: David Tarlow

Page 63: John D. Carter, cousin

Last page = list of males

Diary of Mahlon Pickett: Indiana 1835--

Page 36: Slavery "The sin of human chattle. Slavery is one of very black dye and deserves to be punished."

Page 54, 55, 62: Slavery

Page 56: Circus, clowns

Page 58: First day of Scriptural school. "Any destitute of a full copy of the Holy Scriptures should be given same. Used for family reading."

Page 61: Plain dress

Page 63: White Lick Monthly Meeting

Page 64: Slavery--refugees in Washington, Indiana?

Page 67: Slavery--refugees in Fortress Monroe, Virginia

Page 69: Refugees from Indiana troubles in Minnesota

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Diary of Mahlon Pickett