Matt Addis

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Master of Divinity (MDiv)




This thesis is concerned with the current ecological realities and the inability of current stewardship construct's to adequately address these problems. This study addresses the underlying weaknesses of current articulations of stewardship theologies. It also engages with the scientific theories that form the basis for stewardship theologies, as well as those theories that might offer alternative narratives for ecological and biotic understandings. This study also addresses the underlying ethical realities of current ecological crises. Finally this thesis seeks to offer an alternative to traditional Christian understandings of the relationship of humanity to nature. Chapter one introduces the reader to the current understanding of stewardship models. It also seeks to address those pertinent criticisms of stewardship models, particularly as they pertain to ecological realities. This chapter also seeks to address particular scriptural interpretations pertaining to stewardship. Chapter two attempts to introduce the reader to alternative scientific theories, of both evolution and biotic influence. It also engages with criticisms of traditional Darwinianism as well as purely geological understandings of evolution. This chapter also introduces the Gaian hypothesis. Chapter three introduces the ethical implications presented by new scientific theories presented if chapter two. It also introduces several particular stories of modern ecological and ethical struggles. Along with this it seeks to address the underlying philosophical and governmental challenges of modern ecological care. Chapter four introduces the concept of Co-Sustenance more fully. It also looks at several modern struggles of farming that highlight the current ecological struggle, as well as highlighting several insights for the adaptation of Co-Sustenance thinking.

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