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This study explores the influence of the Jewish agency principle found in Deut 18:15–22 on the Prologue of the Fourth Gospel (John 1:1–18). Seeking to answer the question of the Prologue’s background, this study examines the scholarly treatments of agency in the Fourth Gospel, and the agency motif in both Deut 18 and the Prologue. The agency in the Fourth Gospel is similar, if not identical, to the principle of agency in Jewish law that the agent is representative of the principal in every way. This agency motif is applied to Moses as he represents YHWH to the Pharaoh and the Israelites. This motif is also found in the Fourth Gospel where it is applied to the Son to describe the Father-Son relationship: the Son as the Father’s agent represents the Father fully. This study affirms that the prophet-like-Moses agency motif influences the Prologue, evidenced by the comparisons between Jesus and Moses. Jesus fulfills the prophetic role of Moses, yet because of his identity as the logos-huios supersedes Moses.


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