Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)



First Advisor

R. Larry Shelton

Second Advisor

Daniel L. Brunner


This thesis explores the history and theology of the Washat religion. The indigenous Native American peoples along the mid-Columbia River and Cascade Range of Washington and Oregon have a rich, intriguing, spirituality connecting them strongly with the Creator. This thesis assumes a disconnection for most of American Christianity with regard to the worship of the Creator (from now on, Creator and God will be used synonymously) in connection with the earth, something that the Washat give supreme priority. American Christianity can learn much from a spirituality that takes stewardship of the earth, along with many other aspects overlooked in American Christianity, so seriously. Worship need not be relegated to the confines of church walls. American Christianity has come a long way in this sense, but more can be learned. The Washat have much to offer in this regard.