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Clinical evaluation tools are designed to assess nursing students’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to program and course outcomes and professional nursing standards. Students, faculty, administrators, and the public rely on the effectiveness of the tool and process to determine progression within the curriculum and validate competency. In May 2012, a revised clinical evaluation tool was implemented in a baccalaureate nursing program. This study was undertaken to evaluate the revised clinical evaluation tool by exploring the perspectives of students and faculty who use the tool and engage in the evaluation process. Findings revealed the tool was user friendly and instructions were clear, with sufficient grading criteria to determine clinical competency. Findings also revealed areas for improvement in the evaluation process, including orientation to the tool, connecting program outcomes to clinical performance, and meaningful participation in evaluation. Recommendations are made for improving the clinical evaluation process


Previously published in Journal of Nursing Education

Published in 2014; Volume 53 No. (3): pages 30-33.