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For a number of years now, I have believed that informal and formal outdoor experiences built on a biblical knowledge base can be beneficial and should be purposely pursued throughout one's life. My intentions for a vocational ministry in the outdoors have been to reconnect people with the natural realm, to assist them in rediscovering the outdoors. In support of that, I conducted an action research project to demonstrate the benefits of God's natural world, the outdoors, in the lives of a select group of people through a five-day "immersion" in that outdoor environment. The outdoor setting became the mechanism to develop physical and emotional well being in the participants. This setting was used also as a means of providing spiritual growth in both individuals and the group through Bible study, worship, and contemplation. I wanted to determine if it was possible, in a relatively short period of time, to enhance people's perceptions about the outdoors and increase their outdoor ministry effectiveness. I hoped, as a result of this experience, to encourage people, from professionals-camp leaders and church workers, college and seminary professors-to parents and interested individuals to recognize the benefits of and make intentional use of the outdoors.