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When John Wooden was coach of UCLA's basketball team he taught his players who scored a basket to honor the teammate who passed the ball to him. While running back down the floor the scoring player pointed to the one who gave the assist or set the pick. Since those now-famous days you can often see basketball players pointing to a teammate, giving credit for setting them up to score. In this book many of us are pointing in honor to Dr. Arthur O. Roberts, our professor who again and again gave us an assist that made a significant difference in our lives.

When I was first approached about writing a chapter, one thought popped into my mind. Over and over Arthur Roberts used to talk about "a Friends Church--evangelical in nature and worldwide in scope." Some of us caught his dream and to this day we pursue his vision. Dreams never come true just like the man with the original vision pictured. But some do come true in a form that is clearly recognizable. This one is in progress, still in the making.