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As camping continues to grow as a vital part of the Christian Education program in the church, camp leaders are constantly seeking new and better tools to perform a more effective job. The church has been quite active in developing the program of camping for young people but has seemingly ignored the children. It wasn't until the 1930's that any rapid advances were made in junior camping. Consequently, any development in the camping movement for juniors has been carried on by secular agencies. These programs are very excellent, but they do not fully meet the need of the church camp, since the primar y emphasis of the church camp should be evangelism and the secular agency camps do not stress this area at all.

The purpose of this study was to structure a church camping program for juniors with a genuine evangelistic emphasis and a real outdoor camping experience. In order that this purpose might be accomplished it was necessary to discover 1) why junior camping is an important part of the Christian Education program of the church, 2) what type of camping program would be necessary for churches endeavoring to win the camper to Christ, and 3) how would such a program be set up and executed.