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The Sunday school has come a long way in its comparatively short history. It has come a long way both in philosophy and housing. Because it is an organism of living persons, it has grown, developed, expanded, changed. With the passing of the years, there has been growing a greater reverence for the unfolding personality of the learning person. As a consequence, the pupil has come more and more to the forefront. Less attempt is being Fade to impose arbitrary teaching procedures as well as the content of a fixed curriculum upon the learner. A greater effort is being made to find out what actually affects and captures the interests and changes the attitudes and the life of the person who is being exposed to religious teaching. This constant search for and emphasis upon the importance and sacredness of human personality, has led educators to ask humbly, "What sort of building, what teaching methods best serve in shaping Christian personality at each and every stage of development?"

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