The Origin and Development of the Mar Thoma Church of India

M. Matthews


The purpose of this study,was to make an intensive survey of the origin and development of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of India. The name 'St. Thomas Christians' came to be known among the Church historians and among several Christian writers much earlier on account of the long standing tradition that St. Thomas, one of the twelve disciples of Christ, brought the Gospel to the South Western coast of India early in the second half of the first century and founded the first seven Churches in South India. The reliability of this tradition has been a matter of much controversy and remains to this day. This group of Christians which traces its beginning back down to the first century and boastingly connect~ it with St. Thomas has grown to be an independent and indigenous denomination of India today. The question arises in one's mind as ta the validity 2nd truth involved in this claim and long cherished heritage of tho St. Thomas Christians. This research is directed to a brief survey into the subject.