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The objective of this thesis is to develop a defini­tion of Biblical perfection so as to clarify its nature and attainability in Christian experience. The study is designed with three facets in view: (1) the nature of Biblical perfection, (2) the attainability of Biblical perfection , and (3) a theological synthesis. The first section develops a general understanding of the scope of connotations possible for the related Hebrew and Greek words. The focus in what constitutes the body of the study is on ten key Scripture selections, subjected to close analysis in context. The themes emerging from the first section are then applied to two Biblical characters, to di­cern the attainability of such perfection. The third section incorporates discussion from related literature, in examining the concepts deriving from the Biblical study.

A proper concept of Biblical perfection and a recog­nition of its attainability comprise the primary outcome of the study. Four major themes were found integrally associated with perfection: divine standards, maturity, devotion, and communion. By properly understanding these concepts one may experience the Biblical idea: confidence and intimacy with God.

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