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Someone estimated that America has 98 per cent of the world' s radios and 99.4 per cent of its televisions. 1 According to a study, the American family has the television receiver turned on thirty-four hours each week. The more surprising fact was that the families who spend the most time with television are the families who have had their sets the longest. 2 A survey of the Notion Pictures Association of America showed that the average high school graduate in this country has seen 500 films and watched 15,000 hours of television. Considering the fact that he has spent 10,000 hours in class, the only activity to which he devoted more time than film is sleep.3 A recent report said, "The power of this medium may be greater than that of the federal, state and local governments all put together. n4

'The church cannot afford to ignore something that has come to be such a time-consuming factor in the lives of its people, and the power of these media. The writer was prompted to investigate how and to \extent the church can use such a powerful media for improving its teaching in Sunday school.

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