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Evangelical pastors in central Brazil who pertain to the Brazilian denomination known as the "União das Igrejas Evangélicas Congregacionais e Cristãs" do Brasil(the U.I.E.C.C.B.) serve charges with as many as twenty-eight preaching points. Distances are great. Roads, communications and means of transportation are poor. Outpost stations, outpost Sunday schools and outpost congregations do well to see their pastor once a month. Some see him only once a year.

Since these U.I.E.C.C.B. pastors are overburdened with responsibility for sermons, sacraments and supervision, most of the speaking, teaching, witnessing and administering in the local church is done by laymen. Very few of the lay leaders have had specialized training. Many of them can scarcely read. All could profit from a denominational program of lay leadership training.

The concern of this thesis has been to discover, in the light of American experience, what 1) approaches, 2) courses and 3) textbooks might be recommended to the U.I.E.C.C.B. for lay leadership training in central Brazil.

In spite of the Church's educational emphasis, the weight of local church responsibilities in the Goiaz region of the U.I.E.C.C.B. continues to rest on the shoulders of the lay leaders, who, for the most part, will never have the opportunity to attend one of the schools now provided by the U.I.E.C.C.B. A program of lay leadership training is needed.