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Excerpt: "The Old Testament contains numerous references to the gods of countries which were near the Hebrew nation. Baal, the male god of Canaan, and Ashtoreth, the female goddess, are referred to as early as Deuteronomy 23:18 and throughout the rest of the Old Testament. Ashur, the chief god of Assyria, is mentioned in Nahum (1:14, 3:1, 3:3-5, 3:13-15) and Ezekiel (22:1-4, 24:6, 24:9) as well as elsewhere. Reference is also made to Chemosh, the god of Moab (Numbers 21:29, Judges 11:24, Jeremiah 48:7) and the Philistine god, Dagon (Judges 16:23, I Samuel 5:2-5, I Chronicle 10:10). However, only a few general references to Egyptian gods can be found in the Old Testament (Joshua 24:14, Jeremiah 44:8, and others), and no mention is made of Ra, the chief god of Egypt, the land from which the Hebrews journeyed after four hundred years in slavery."

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