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Since the beginning of the Church Age, the field of Biblical Apologetics has been the battleground for many acrimonious words and hasty conclusions and the scene of many misunderstandings. Since the advent of the popular exposition of the organic evolutionary hypothesis with Charles Darwin in 1859, many things, based upon a false understanding of the Scriptures or upon a false understanding of scientific evidence, have been said and many accusations made on both sides of the argument. This study has been undertaken to sort from the tons of discussion which have been put forth the few pounds which can be considered truth, and to try to evaluate the dross of unsubstantiated human opinions.

Before it is possible to examine any problem it is necessary to determine whether or not a problem exists in actuality or merely apparently. It was necessary, therefore, to determine whether there was an actual disagreement concerning evolution between the Christian Scriptures and the teachings of present-day scientists. If such a disagreement were merely apparent, and not real, then there would be no justification for a study such as this except to show the essential unity of both sides of the argument. If, to the contrary, the disagreement were found to be actual, it would be necessary to determine exactly where the disagreement lay and to determine the exact problem involved. This was done by examining first the basic teachings of the Scriptures concerning inheritance, and then examining the basic teachings of modern scientists concerning inheritance. The agreements and the differences were then noted and it became apparent what the actual problem was.