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The Pentecostal revival and the charismatic renewal of the twentieth century has stimulated interest in both the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the use of such gifts within the framework of Christian ministry. Church leaders and writers have responded with their own feelings and interpretations as to what the Bible is saying about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they are applicable to the church today. Some believe that all gifts are for today's church while others are of different opinion. Such controversy demands new examination as to the Holy Spirit's ministry in the corporate body of Christ, both through spiritual and ministry gifts. Unfortunately, re-examinations of Scriptural interpretations are colored by both denominational presuppositions and personal assumptions which have done little to remove the confusion from searching hearts and true biblical interpretation.

It is on the basis of personal interest and concern for better understanding of this subject matter that this writer has been stimulated to write on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the contemporary church.

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