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The problem was to present a clear study of the nature, evidences, and validity of the witness of God's Spirit to regeneration and to entire sanctification. It was the writer's purpose to discover and report the conditions which man must meet before the Holy Spirit will come to witness in any degree at all, and before He will come and abide. It was felt that such a study should include the manner in which the witness of the Holy spirit comes, the time at which it comes, the type of witness it is, its relation to the witness of man's spirit, and its relation to future security. Further, the writer has sought to meet the problem of a Scriptural basis for belief in the witness, and to distinguish between the true witness of the Spirit and presumption, the true witness of the Spirit and delusion, and the true witness of the Spirit and conscience. Thus, the problem may be stated: to find and report the Scriptural and theological ground for a sound doctrine of assurance, and the factors involved in bringing assurance of regeneration and assurance of entire sanctification to the soul.

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