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Prayer is an interesting subject to some; to others it is foolishness and nonsense. Because men are curious beings and desire to know, and because knowledge is hidden from the wise and revealed unto babes it was studied to see what good was derived from prayer.

The Bible reveals that prayer was used in the Old Testament times. Abraham, Gideon, Daniel, Elijah, and the children of Israel all used it. Abraham used it to accomplish feats, Gideon used it to find God's will for them, Daniel used prayer to stop lion's mouths, Elijah used it to bring rains, and the children of Israel used it to stop oppression.

In the New Testament times prayer was used by Paul to learn of God and find God's will, the Church to get Peter delivered from prison, by Stephen to ask forgiveness for wrongdoers, and by Paul and Silas to thank God for the privilege of suffering for the Lord Jesus' sake which brought an earthquake and deliverance from prison and changed a jailer.

It was the purpose of this study to make a comparison of the teaching on prayer by E. M. Bounds, Wesleyan in theology; Reverend Andrew Murray, Keswickian; and George Arthur Buttrick, liberalist, attempting to find out the different viewpoints about prayer in Wesleyan, Keswickian, and liberal circles as represented by these three men.

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