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The Bible contains several references to the priesthood of believers. Through the years very little has been done to clarify this phrase in the mind of those included. A great portion of what has been done has been in relation to the church and along the line of church government. However, it is not the purpose of this study to stress this aspect. The work that has been done on the personal aspect of the subject is very sketchy and each reference includes few of the actual implications of the subject as discussed in the Bible. Several writers mention the subject and many imply the existence of the priesthood of believers but no adequate treatment of the subject has been found in the research carried on for this thesis.

The purpose of this study was to discover the protestant conception of the priesthood of believers as revealed in the Bible and interpreted by various Bible scholars.

This study is particularly important because it involves the relationship of the believers to God, to the church, and to their fellowmen. The variety of opinion and inadequate treatment of the priesthood of believers has made it advisable to make a further study into the matter at this time.

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