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Christianity has been a missionary religion from New Testament times. It has claimed to be a religion unique from all other religions of the world because it has God's only revelation of the answer to the spiritual needs of mankind, and because of this claim to uniqueness it has been a proselyting religion. In recent years there have been some from within the ranks of Christianity who have not been too sure whether the missionary imperative is valid today. They feel that missions should be curtailed if not discarded because of the lack of a motive that is unique. Not only is there a question of the value of missions but there is a divergence of opinion as to what missions should be trying to do and how it should be doing it. Each of these problems determines the next; the motives of missions will determine the objective that is to be attained and the objectives will determine the method best suited to its attainment.

The problem of this study was to determine: 1, the unique motives of Christianity for missionary endeavor which cannot be claimed by any other religion or social institution, which motive the expenditure of time, manpower, and money for the purpose of evangelization; 2, the claimed objectives for missionary endeavor which are in agreement with these motives; and 3, the proper and adequate methods which may be used to attain these objectives.