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Until a few years ago the age group known as young adults was a neglected area in Christian Education. Today there is an increased awareness and interest in the need for adequate young adult Christian Education in the local church.

The distinctive mark of the American society is the young married couple and its family. A glance at the many advertisements shows that they are keyed to young adults. But the church, until very recently, has made little difference in the grading of adults. Because the interests and needs of adults are so widespread young adults often feel that there is nothing the church offers of vital interest to them.

The writer has become aware that there is a lack of young adult Christian Education in many local churches. This area of need has been pointed up in nearly every course in the Christian Education department of Western Evangelical Seminary. Figures of the age of conversion have consistently indicated that few young adults become Christians.

The problem of this study was to make an analytical and creative examination of adult Christian Education. The study was designed 1) to examine the related needs and interests of young adults; 2) to survey the development of adult Christian Education in America; 3) to make a critical analysis of current philosophies of Christian education; 4) to consider an evangelical philosophy of Christian Education relative to young adults; and 5) to propose a method and curriculum based upon the consideration of the philosophy for young adult Christian Education.

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