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The kinetics of bacteriochlorophyll fluorescence in intact cells of the purple nonsulfur bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides were measured under continuous and pulsed actinic laser diode (808 nm wavelength and maximum 2 W light power) illumination on the micro- and millisecond timescale. The fluorescence induction curve was interpreted in terms of a combination of photochemical and triplet fluorescence quenchers and was demonstrated to be a reflection of redox changes and electron carrier dynamics. By adjustment of the conditions of single and multiple turnovers of the reaction center, we obtained 11 ms–1 and 120 μs–1 for the rate constants of cytochrome c2 3+ detachment and cyclic electron flow, respectively. The effects of cytochrome c2 deletion and chemical treatments of the bacteria and the advantages of the fluorescence induction study on the operation of the electron transport chain in vivo were discussed.


Originally published in Photosynthetica, March 2018, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp 125–131, DOI: 10.1007/s11099-017-0756-6

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