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Circular permutation analysis has detected fairly strong sites of intrinsic DNA bending on the promoter regions of the yeast GAL1–10 and GAL80 genes. These bends lie in functionally suggestive locations. On the promoter of the GAL1–10 structural genes, strong bends bracket nucleosome B, which lies between the UASG and the GAL1 TATA. These intrinsic bends could help position nucleosome B. Nucleosome B plus two other promoter nucleosomes protect the TATA and start site elements in the inactive state of expression but are completely disrupted (removed) when GAL1–10 expression is induced. The strongest intrinsic bend (;70°) lies at the downstream edge of nucleosome B; this places it approximately 30 base pairs upstream of the GAL1 TATA, a position that could allow it to be involved in GAL1 activation in several ways, including the recruitment of a yeast HMG protein that is required for the normally robust level of GAL1 expression in the induced state (Paull, T., Carey, M., and Johnson, R. (1996) Genes Dev. 10, 2769–2781). On the regulatory gene GAL80, the single bend lies in the non-nucleosomal hypersensitive region, between a GAL80-specific far upstream promoter element and the more gene-proximal promoter elements. GAL80 promoter region nucleosomes contain no intrinsically bent DNA.