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Excerpt: "College and university professors in the liberal arts (humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences) are almost entirely left-leaning, liberal, or progressive, and this is especially true among faculty in the humanities and social sciences. Insofar as political party affiliation is representative, the statistics are stunning- roughly 12: I Democrat to Republican in the humanities and social sciences nationally, and this ratio is even more pronounced in certain selective schools (Brown University takes the cake with 60:1).1 Students who attend liberal arts colleges or universities (that is, non-trade, nonvocational schools that require core curricula and keep an array of majors in the disciplines of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences) often adopt more liberal or progressive points of view as a result of their education."


This chapter was originally published in the book The Liberating Arts: Why We Need Liberal Arts Education by Plough Publishing, 2023. ISBN: 9781636080673