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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Krish Kandiah

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Phil Newell

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Jason Clark


There is a growing disconnect between young adults and the church. Research into this specific and recent phase of life shows how cultural trends have shaped the spiritual lives of emerging adults. This dissertation claims that the loss of relevancy of the church for young adults is rooted in how the church has either capitulated or ignored these trends. Section 1 addresses the current immature faith that is endemic in many contemporary churches. The church’s history and the culture within which it is embedded are examined. Section 2 describes other approaches to spiritual formation of young adults. Section 3 asserts that the developmental research of James Fowler is an interpretive lens for evaluating and developing young adult spiritual formation. Examining the barriers to a maturing faith through this lens will give direction for Christian leaders to create a coherent spiritual formation process. I conclude that an intergenerational community can develop a strong coherent faith for emerging adults. Creating an environment that supports and involves generations together will help shape their faith. Sections 4 and 5 outline a mentoring guide for older adults to connect with younger adults. This is designed as a tool for developing a maturing faith through the local church. Section 6 reflects on possible further research. The last section is the mentoring guide.

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