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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Phillip Carnes

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Daniel Lioy


This study concentrates on God’s focus on and vision for the fatherless as an informal lens from which local churches may measure and implement ministry impact and outreach principles. As a pastor and a military chaplain, I see many young people who are fatherless to the third and fourth generation. The ministry of the present day Church is limiting its impact because it does not see the fatherless as God sees them. Here the question is asked, “What in God’s exhortation of supporting the fatherless are churches to incarnationally infuse into their local outreach to the community?” The claim is made that discernment of the fatherless plight is close to the heart of God and provides his measurement for which spiritual impact will influence following generations. Much needed discernment and guidance is found by aligning our sight and will with God’s. It is the prayer of this author that local church leaders will discover and embrace principles found throughout Scripture—of God’s heart for the fatherless—first as their own truest identity, and after reflecting on their mission outreach, identify God’s never-ending tenderness and compassion for the fatherless while establishing the framework and mission for present day ministry. The method of dissemination of the above research will be a popular book that will also function as a guide for study and self-evaluation.

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