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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Peter Aschoff

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Kent Yinger

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Jason Clark


In Germany, the Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Hannovers and the Roman Catholic diocese of Hildesheim are partnering in the ecumenical network. Searching for an appropriate endeavor, which supports the emergence and Kirche2 sustainment for new forms of being church, they were encouraged by the fresh expressions movement in the UK and their training model, mission-shaped ministry. The use of this foreign material in Germany needs adaptation. Hence, this dissertation enfolds the relevance of contextualization and seeks to reflect the adaptation process, following the main research question: How can the Fresh-X course by Kirche2 adapt the foreign material for the context in Germany in an appropriate way?

Section 1 reviews the context in northern Germany and retraces the inspirational factor, fresh expressions of church, mixed economy and the effect mission-shaped ministry had on Kirche2 processes of comparable courses from the British to the German context, using the examples of ALPHA and EMMAUS. Section 3 provides an introduction to contextualization, enculturation, and complexity theory by enfolding the concepts of Schreiter, Hiebert and Moynagh. Here the Cynefin framework and the concept of design-based research offers an inductive approach to contextualization. Then a deductive approach of contextualization is introduced, by drawing individual conclusions and deriving hermeneutical insights. While the inductive approach represents heuristic and reflective skills, the deductive approach is geared towards a formative deriving and creative implementing of the research results.

The dissertation concludes with an implementation of the contextualization process of the British mission-shaped ministry material into the adapted German course. Hence the German course Fresh X–Der Kurs is the artifact. Section 2 portrays similar adaptation.

In this dissertation, a theoretical and applied contextualization was conducted. Hence fresh expressions are contextualized form of churches themselves; this examination was similar to a trial action, preparing a contextual mindset needed in fresh expressions of church.

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