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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Philip Carnes

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Leonard Hjalmarson

Third Advisor

Leonard I. Sweet


This dissertation examines church revitalization in Moderate Baptist churches that are experiencing decline. It looks at various models and principles that can be addressed by church leadership to help revitalize a congregation. Section 1 describes the problem of decline in church attendance since the 1950s. It looks at the natural Life Cycle of church. Special attention is paid to Moderate Baptists, especially the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and its formation and separation from the Southern Baptist Convention. Section 2 examines the problem. The problem of decline in churches has existed for numerous years. This has led to new innovations and attempts to fix the issue of decline. This section examines some of these ways by researching various movements that have begun in the church. Some of these movements are viable ways to help in church revitalization. Section 3 examines additional principles that can be utilized by Moderate Baptist churches to combat decline and experience revitalization. Sections 4 and 5 describe the creation of the webinar and how the webinar will be an effective tool for church leaders to guide their congregations in the revitalization process.

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Christianity Commons