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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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John D. Hannah

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Kevin Bates

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Kevin Bates


This dissertation claims that the transmission of the gospel falls short in postmodern rural life because the message has not meaningfully integrated with community life as a whole and asserts that the witness of the church must employ a greater connectedness to local culture to affirm a rootedness in the gospel. Section 1 describes the abstract nature and influence of the global economy and postmodern consumerism, highlighting the growing negative effects on rural communities, families, and ultimately the witness of the gospel. Section 2 surveys a range of Christian organizations in today’s society analyzing how they can become polarized, absorbed, or isolated. Section 3 presents how a grounding in the gospel is foundational, offering answers to the issues left unaddressed by the other proposed methods of ministry covered in the previous section. The methodology for this ministry structure is captured through the pilgrim metaphor and is framed within an approach of sustainability. As a viable option, Section 4 and 5 outline the specifications of an integrated and local family enterprise, offering a diversified and adaptive model which contains the ingredients within itself, that is, the principles. Section 6 offers a postscript noting further areas of research and refinement yet to be explored. Sections 4 and 5 describe the artifact startup plan for the enterprise, website, and mobile office. The appendix contains many aspects and details of the artifact.

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