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The traditional propositional and proclamational forms of evangelism implemented during the modern era are diminishing in their effectiveness to share the Gospel and bring people into God's Kingdom community. The attractional paradigm is out of harmony with the current trends exhibited in emerging culture. There are possible solutions to this problem, such as modifying traditional methodologies and incorporating contemporary media, music, and technology; developing ministries that meet postmodern needs but on an attractional basis; or ignoring emerging concerns and maintaining modern era techniques. Any of these solutions have marginal or no impact as reported by research that reveals the minimal impact Christianity has on Western, postmodern cultures.

This paper' s thesis is that Christians can effectively embody the Gospel in the emerging culture through a missional approach that creates safe spaces for sharing personal stories and developing organic relationships. The result is the birthing the Kingdom Jesus proclaims in the Gospels.

This methodology may be effective because the emerging culture defines its spiritual life through experiential modes more than propositional statements . Postmodern model proponents believe individuals can realize their full personhood only within community interrelationships. Members of the emerging culture desire inclusion versus exclusion, and relationships based on love, authenticity, and openness must be established that embody Christ in the emerging culture. The project book will contain resources that enable readers to understand the dynamics of the emerging culture and create safe spaces for sharing stories and building relationships in which the Missio Dei is experienced. The book provides easy access to the material and makes it available to a broad public.