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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)




The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the cross-cultural challenges faced by teachers and East Asian students on an American Christian college campus, and to seek effective ways of facilitating relationships between them. How could I effectively facilitate meaningful cross-cultural relationships between members of the faculty and East Asian students? How is it possible for a Christian college campus to become a multicultural learning community?

My claim is that it is possible to facilitate faculty relationships with East Asian students if a high priority is placed on the Christian value of relationships in community and cultural learning, i.e. learning cross-cultural communication and relationship skills, takes place.

In chapter one I will present the problem with a real-life story. I will then summarize my support for the claim.

In order to support the Christian value placed upon relationships in community chapter two will explore examples and themes from Christian Scripture and theology. Relationships in both Old and New Testaments will be presented, as well as an examination of Scriptural references to "strangers." The theme of relationship-in-community in Christian theology will also be reviewed. Chapter three will continue that support by examining the various traditions of relationships in community in Christian history. Having spiritual friends and spiritual directors in the context of spiritual community will be presented as an historical ideal.

The task of culture learning will begin in chapter four. Specific issues of culture, cultural variability, as well as cross-cultural communication and relationships will be outlined. Specific application for communication and relationships between East Asian and American cultures will also be a focus.

Chapter five will survey literature concerning teacher-international student relationships on American college campuses, including cross-cultural educational issues. The idea of building a multicultural learning community will be presented.

Finally, chapter six will suggest principles and practices for facilitating faculty relationships with East Asian students on an American Christian college campus with a proposal for a possible faculty handbook.