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The Primary Readers: Christian laity and clergy who are interested in learning about the increasing institutionalization of American mainstream denominations and the problems associated with maintaining such large corporations. They include those who have a burden for postmodern 21st century North America as a mission field and wish to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ effectively. The two project artifacts will specifically be contextualized for smaller to mid-size rural East Texas communities of faith. Much of the history and denominational traditions drawn upon in this written statement will be influenced by United Methodist heritage and experience but provided for a multi-denominational audience.

Smaller to mid-size rural congregations are currently in a state of shock and fear as they witness the rapid decline of their congregations evidenced by an increase of average age and a decrease of attendance, baptisms and financial giving. Smaller congregations do not have the resources to hire outside consultants. District leadership is providing assistance, training, tools and empowerment at no cost. A primary goal is to free congregations from maintenance issues so that they can refocus on missional outreach in their communities and beyond.