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The problem this dissertation addresses is that many churches, disciplers, catechists, and ecclesial leaders use lecture-based fonnats primarily when nurturing people new to the faith. The thesis of this paper is that a biblically sound, transformative model can be developed to form new disciples. The thesis provides the foundation for a ten-part curriculum presented as media artifact.

Section 2 describes other solutions and methodologies used currently to nurture people in the early stages of Christian formation. Some of the current methodologies include traditional Sunday school, sermon-based small groups, biblical discipleship, and group media discipleship. The fourth section develops the thesis around four components: experiential learning, constructivist mentoring, eucharistic spirituality, and holistic faith. The author believes the prospects for transfonnational outcome are greatly enhanced when these components are applied to early stage Christian formation.

Section 5 provides information regarding the specifications of a curriculum project entitled, Soul Hydration. The specifications include the target audience, budget, scope, and content. Standards of publication and a preliminary marketing plan are described in section 5. Section 6 demonstrates that a transfonnative model is more effective than lecture-based approaches. A review of the project will be offered along with personal reflection and future areas of research.

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