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The technological revolution of cyberspace has forced various institutions to reinvent. In recent years, many colleges and universities have converted partially or wholly to distance education or "e-Iearning." However, countless other schools and learning institutions (especially ministry training) remain firmly entrenched within site-based, seat-time, lecture-rooted, modern educational frames.

And therefore, the problem arises: how can cyber technology and on-line educational delivery systems train and equip youth and family ministry students for professional or lay ministly?

The purpose of this work is an investigation of electronic learning in order to propose alternative strategies for future youth ministry education. Ultimately, readers will gain a better understanding of a digital environment and its impact upon potential youth ministry e-training systems for future improvement and expansion of a ministry school's youth worker education.

In order to address this problem, it is proposed institutions of Christian higher learning proactively seek conversion of traditional site-based learning platforms to nontraditional distance learning strategies or risk future obsolescence. In particular, there is a need for entry-level youth ministry education that is available solely online; especially since many churches seek effective, affordable, flexible training for volunteers, lay teachers and ministry leaders.

It is an obvious assumption that most current institution leaders in academics, especially within ministry training schools, remain firmly committed to seat-based, time-rooted educational approaches. E-learning, however, is a rising alternative that many Christian colleges are investigating.

The project will be a designed distance learning course on Children 's Ministry available for use in multiple ministry schools. This CD resource will include thirteen brief(25-30 minute) learning video sessions on children's ministry, suitable for those who lead and work with children, birth through fifth grade. The resource will be distributed via the Consortium of Christian Colleges Distance Learning (September 2007 release) and was filmed at Good News Productions (Joplin, MO) in August 2006.

In addition to this project, additional ministry courses will be converted into full-service e-leaming frames under the E-TRAIN™ philosophy of timeless, relevant, academic, Internet-based and networked practice.

The Consortium Course on Children's Ministry and the E-TRAIN™ syllabi will serve as an initial response to the overall ministry problem.

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