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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Chuck Conniry

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Ken Ross


The thesis of this paper is that pastors must be compatible with the churches they serve in order to have fruitful and long-lasting ministries, and proper assessment of compatibility can increase a pastor's success. Many pastors leave due to an incompatibility with churches they serve, and this paper asserts that pastors must be compatible in order to lead others. Research indicates that long tenure in a church contributes to effective ministry, and a better match between church and pastor contributes to a longer tenure. This dissertation uses the PRO Development™ (PRO D) assessment tool to help pastors discern their match with a congregation and determine their ideal roles in ministry. PRO D provides insight into individuals and their roles within their organizations. The on-line survey of 600 questions can be completed in approximately one hour. The tool uncovers a person's fundamental character, determines compatibility with the environment, and assesses leadership skills. The tool has been used in business, and this dissertation targets Christian leaders to enable meaningful decisions in their ministry development. VI Chapter l demonstrates a pastor .. s need for self-awareness and reviews relevant literature. Chapter 2 describes the biblical basis for pastoral compatibility., and chapter 3 explores the historical perspective of clergy selection and compatibility. Chapter 4 describes the PRO D assessment profile. Chapter 5 explores case studies of PRO D. Chapter 6 presents methods of application for further personal and organizational development. This dissertation demonstrates the importance of long ministry tenure and provides a tool to help pastors achieve job satisfaction and fruitful ministries.

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