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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)



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Charles Connirty

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Jules Glanzer


The project for this dissertation is to look at a disciple-making process for the local church and how to implement this process with a suggested curriculum. In order to accomplish this project I will visit five churches with the purpose of viewing the successes and failures of the disciple-making process that they may or may not have. In the first section of my dissertation I give an introduction covering why I believe the churches need a philosophy of discipleship and in later chapters address the need for one-on-one ministry that reproduces disciples for Christ. I will give definitions for Life Groups, Dynamic Basics, Dynamic Discipleship, and Dynamic Sharing with my understanding of the meanings. In chapter one of my dissertation I look at the biblical and theological principles of discipleship. I will endeavor to answer these questions: What is biblical discipleship? What are some of the ways Jesus practiced discipleship? How did the Apostle Paul practice discipleship? In chapter two I will share my observations and assessments of the disciple-making process in the five churches observed. I will report what I learned from each church and look at how I can apply the suggested curriculum that will be developed. ii In chapter three I will tell of some of the personal challenges I have encountered and the paradigm shift I see that is needed to have a disciple-making process. The fourth chapter summarizes the proposed disciple-making curriculum which will be covered in greater detail in the Appendixes. I give a practical summary at the conclusion of the dissertation with a selected bibliography.

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